“The power of a good film is to engage you and draw you into it’s world.”

Keymaker Marketing offer a Filmmaking Service to produce high-quality and professional films that are effective tools for promoting and advertising your organisation.

Promotional Videos

A good promotional video grabs the viewers’ attention and makes them understand what you do and why you’re different. Our personalised videos keeps viewers engaged till the end and entices them take a desired action such as purchasing your product.

Television Commercials

Television remains unquestionably the most trusted and influential platform for a brand to advertise on as it takes away the viewers ability to ‘skip’ the ad like a viewer of a YouTube channel would. This captive audience is much more likely to view your advertisement while waiting for their show to continue.

Narrative Film

A narrative film is often used to highlight a particular story or event of great importance to your organisation that may have a significant impact on your existing or potential customers / audience – making them value your brand even more.

3D Animation

3D models can be used in ads to show off your products in a realistic way in order to grab your audience’s attention with more effectiveness and depth than can be practically achieved with a photo.